Enthusiasm, Delight, Zest, Relish, Payroll?

Con mucho gusto

Enthusiasm, Delight, Zest and Relish may not be words you typically think of when you think of running Payroll, but Gusto Online Payroll makes it so easy, you can manage your small business payroll with ease.

Employees will relish the ease of self-onboarding and delight in how easy it is to update and change their information when life changes.

As a small business owner, gone are the days of remembering when to file taxes. Gusto automatically calculates, deposits and files your payroll taxes. Gusto integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, T-Sheets, Receipt Bank and more. Make 2018 the year you handle payroll ‘with pleasure’. Get started with Gusto today!

All too often we hear ‘I trust my staff’ or ‘I trust my bookkeeper’. Placing your confidence in someone is not the same as implementing internal controls to protect your business. Separation of duties and a few basic internal controls can go along way in preventing fraud.

Trust is not an Internal Control

Are You Up-to-Date on Per Diem Rules?

CPA Practice Advisor
Oct 4, 2017

Per Diem can be a good travel and entertainment strategy for small business. This is a good article with lots of information. Make sure and check with your HR and Tax Professional before making any policy changes.


a time to harvest, reflect and prepare

There’s nothing like the crisp cool fall mornings here in the high desert of New Mexico. It is my favorite time of year. The nights are cool, the days are warm. The air sparkles. Hot Air Balloons are populating the early morning sky. Soon there will be hundred’s as the opening day of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta draws near. A short drive north to our neighboring state Colorado and you will see the beauty of the fall leaves in a myriad of oranges, reds, and yellows against the stark white of the Aspen. I recall sitting with Dad and watching the huge leaves of a walnut tree tumbling in a fall breeze across his lawn last fall. They appeared to be a troop of gymnasts arrayed in fall colors turning cartwheels. Ah Fall! A time of harvest, reflection, and preparation for the coming winter. Soon it will be a new year. (more…)


Document Management System

We are always looking for solutions our clients can use that improve their workflows and address their pain points. Our favorite features address those pain points that seems so small and yet drive us crazy and take time out of our day. The return in efficiency, time and a strong workflow makes HubDoc an easy recommendation to clients. It is a good first piece in a technology solution stack. (more…)