Enthusiasm, Delight, Zest, Relish, Payroll?

Con mucho gusto

Enthusiasm, Delight, Zest and Relish may not be words you typically think of when you think of running Payroll, but Gusto Online Payroll makes it so easy, you can manage your small business payroll with ease.

Employees will relish the ease of self-onboarding and delight in how easy it is to update and change their information when life changes.

As a small business owner, gone are the days of remembering when to file taxes. Gusto automatically calculates, deposits and files your payroll taxes. Gusto integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, T-Sheets, Receipt Bank and more. Make 2018 the year you handle payroll ‘with pleasure’. Get started with Gusto today!


Document Management System

We are always looking for solutions our clients can use that improve their workflows and address their pain points. Our favorite features address those pain points that seems so small and yet drive us crazy and take time out of our day. The return in efficiency, time and a strong workflow makes HubDoc an easy recommendation to clients. It is a good first piece in a technology solution stack. (more…)

Data Tips – When More Is Less

With today’s OCR technology, software integrations, automation and bank feeds we are using data differently. Today, more is less.

No longer do we look to consolidate or minimize. I remember when we used ‘generic’ vendors in vendors lists so you didn’t have every gas station in the area in the vendor list.

A frequent question today, is “What should I do about all these names coming thru my bank feed? I recommend accepting and adding them to your contacts and creating a bank rule. Why? More data can mean less work and greater efficiency. (more…)

Tracking Business Mileage

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about how difficult tracking business miles is and how often we forget to do it all together and then when year end rolls around…Yikes! 

There is an App for that that I love.

It remembers so you don’t have to and it’s well worth the cost pf $6.95 p/mth. It is always working in the background so I don’t have to remember to jot down mileage, where I went, was that business or personal? It remembers for me and if I forget it reminds me. It even reminded me on January 1st that I needed to log the miles on my vehicle. What’s not to like?

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