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We are always looking for solutions our clients can use that improve their workflows and address their pain points. Our favorite features address those pain points that seems so small and yet drive us crazy and take time out of our day. The return in efficiency, time and a strong workflow makes HubDoc an easy recommendation to clients. It is a good first piece in a technology solution stack.

HubDoc has brought together document management and storage with document and receipt capture and integrated that with several accounting software and apps. The user interface is well designed with a Dashboard, familiar folder structure and a left to right processing flow.

  • Upload via mobile app, your local computer or unique email.
  • Archive documents and choose whether or not they are integrated with accounting or other app, even other document storage apps
  • Quickly rotate, add a note, open a PDF in another window, download a document or even delete a document in the processing – review flow window.
  • And then there is the “fetch” feature:

Have you ever experienced the pain of receiving an email that your statement was ready but in order to get it you have to

  • login to your account
  • open the statement
  • download the statement
  • move it to a portal and/or email it to your accountant or bookkeeper who is bugging you for it?
  • What a pain!

You will love HubDoc’s ‘fetch’!

Once configured it not only fetches the statement, but sends you an email that it has. Logging in to HubDoc the dashboard provides you with Current Balance, Amount Due, Due Date, and Last Doc Fetched for all automated accounts and the purchase has been sent to Xero or QBO.

HubDoc even sends a reminder when it is due!

What’s not to love?

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