Refreshing HubDoc Experience

HubDoc still #1 in my books!

I seriously can’t remember the last time a real life person called me to tell me about a problem, take responsibility, AND have an action plan to resolve it AND offer extra help. It was a great customer experience, as refreshing as waking to a new fallen snow on a winter’s morning.

When my phone rang yesterday in the middle of a crazy January day as many of us experience this time of year, it was a pleasant surprise to have a friendly voice on the other end rather than a year end crisis question.

You likely heard about the recent disruption of service between QuickBooks Online and HubDoc. Quickly resolved and things back to normal, we went on with your busy days, but what about your clients books and documents? Were they impacted? Yes, some were. Please be assured that “This issue did not impact the integrity of any transaction data.” but some attached documents are no longer attached. It is part of our world of technology and why we have backups and redundancies and take every precaution.

Rather than post a notice and move on as so many do these days, HubDoc picked up the phone and placed personal calls. Nick discussed with me what had happened, what actions were taken, what clients were impacted. HubDoc has a dedicated website (HubDoc Recovery) so that you can not only see which accounts were impacted, but exactly how many and which documents. HubDoc has identified the documents that need to be ‘re-attached’ and have a team ready to help and support us and if I choose they will even call my clients direct. I chose the option of contacting our clients that were impacted myself as I feel they deserve the same personal phone call from me, that HubDoc provided.

Great job HubDoc on providing a great customer experience in the midst of providing support!

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